Daily Operations

Daily operations will require very little effort if no technical problems arise. Even so, there are a few checks that should be done regularly.

Configuration of notifications

Configure the notifications so that you will be informed immediately if backups fail. With the notifications you will also receive the log of the backups.

This ensures that if you encounter problems such as be able to react early to a hardware failure.

Unfortunately, missing notifications does not necessarily mean that there are no problems. Or simply the e-mail system could be down. For this reason, you should also set up a daily report for all jobs in parallel.

Daily report

Set up a report that will automatically inform you every morning of all backups from the last day. HTML is usually sufficient as the format. You can also tick archives to archive the reports for verification purposes.

You do not normally have to look at this report in detail if you are already working with notifications in the event of an error. In that case you will already know if something has not worked. Just look if you notice anything unusual.

Regular control of the dashboard

Check the dashboard regularly (not necessarily daily). Pay particular attention to the fill level of the media pools in order to identify problems in good time and to be able to take appropriate measures early on.